10 Reasons the Experts say FAM App will Change your Life

Millennials have been long lusting a life outside the timeline, and while some say touch screens have us lose touch, London is losing its comfort zone with a quintessential new app: FAM. The cleverly named app stands as an acronym for ‘find a motive’. FAM pairs people seeking something to do (motives) with people who want to do it, and sometimes right that moment. The experts say this app will change your life, here are 10 reasons why:

  1. It cultivates authentic connection: FAM harnesses the most seductive features of social networking. Posting. Liking. Following. Taking it one step further; real life presence. The app connects you with people beyond the screen and beyond your immediate network.
  2. It seizes the magic of the moment: collapse into clouds of luminous balls in a funky adult play pen, spend evenings on the river beneath a sultry London sunset, cruise dirty backstreets in a luxury supercar experience. You can respond to motives in the spontaneity of the moment as the live feed updates with events by the minute.
  3. It’s free! FAM app London comes at no cost. When wondering what to do in London when penniless, you may be a swipe away from sharing bucket-lists with new faces, or a secret rooftop garden in the alchemy of a happenstance encounter.
  4. It inspires career growth: this fun events app can steer you unexpectedly in the direction of your dreams. When doing things you love with likeminded confidantes, networking happens organically. For entrepreneurs, students and CEO’s alike, the app exposes new places, opportunities and ways to make money without the icy formalities of job seeking.
  5. It’s simple: Users can find a motive in a few steps. App features are crystallised onto a clean jade backdrop. The landing page glides gently through a timeline of events. When users follow each other a conversation box becomes available. One tap. Two steps. Found a motive.
  6. It is tailored to the individual: no need to top up your oyster, FAM drops blossoms on your doorstep. The app uses your location to find what’s hot near you, and on the motive map you’ll find a panorama of happenings in London. Barbecue’s, house-parties, exhibitions; the app fills your timeline with events tailored to your taste.
  7. It channels creativity and adventure: live the quotes you post and create the opportunities you wish existed in the world. Find a Motive allows you to be in control of your experience by making your own stylised events and choosing who you’d like to attend.
  8. Memories live on: Like, pin, snap, post, share the kind of memories that spill into 16 bars. Record in real-time the lyrical views of London and place pretty filters on pretty faces. The media sharing abilities of the app allow users to keep in touch and archive their memories.
  9. Personal development: FAM apps goal is to stimulate more face-to-face interaction as it seamlessly integrates users real-life experiences with their online worlds. In a world immersed in technology, users can develop the way they communicate and their interpersonal skills. No editing, no buffering, just mesmerising real-time connection.
  10. Supporting the community: FAM is laced with a family-like intimacy, cherishing relationships with local businesses. Find special offers for bars, restaurants, fun events and hidden gems in London. FAM provides entrepreneurs and local talent direct clientele and users the opportunity to contribute to growing businesses.

So FAM asks, where would you go? What would you do, and with who?

Written by Nadège René, Millenial, Blogger, Tutor.

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